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How to Help

Here are a few ways your contributions can be used:

Food ministry $12.00 – (provides) for a family of 4 for a week

2 Kilos each of rice and beans

1 Kilo of  masa corn meal

1 powdered milk for 2 gallons.

Uniforms for school kids $55.00 or school supplies $55 per student

General Donations: Our Budget for 2016 is not including team is $194570 in Costa Rica

Building Materials :

Current Needs

Financially, we need:

$12500/ month for our staff salaries and the 38% payroll tax. We have a wonderful staff of 10 in Costa Rica who give incredibly. They work 60 - 80 hrs a  week  They don’t make much, but every bit helps.
Any and all donations of funds for our food ministry. We see so many families daily in need of basic food supplies, and any donations to this area would be greatly appreciated.

In terms of volunteers, we need individuals and teams to help us complete the construction projects, Work with the children (vbs) , deliver the food and pray with the families and

participate in Base Camp 2016.


Our New Opportunity

Since the beginning, Rice and Beans Ministries has spent approximately $650,000 on rent and renovations to temporary sleeping quarters and dining hall facilities because we were not yet in a position to have our own facilities to use.


Recently, after 3 years of searching, we found what we were looking for—a property located just 20 – 25 minutes from the San Jose airport. The location will provide space to construct dormitory space for 128 people, a kitchen, storage for tools and bulk food purchases, as well as a multi-purpose room to use for dining and worship. The construction of classroom space will allow us to provide educational services, life skills seminars, and skills training for many unemployed adults.


NOW is the time for Rice and Beans Ministries to construct our own facility where we can have a stable base for our operations to do the work that we have been called to do.

This is the most important “next” step for Rice and Beans Ministries. Owning our own property and facility means we can concentrate solely on empowering the people we minister to understand that church is “everywhere” and that all of us are responsible for spreading the love of Christ in our world.

Please prayerfully consider an additional gift to help us take the next step. Speak with your church, Sunday School class or other group to see if they would consider becoming a partner with Rice and Beans Ministries so that we can continue to fulfill the purpose and calling.


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